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CSS for the Modern Form Designer – a Closer Look

Sometimes fine control of a Form's appearance requires modifying CSS. Ultimate Forms makes this as easy as possible with inline tools.



The code used in the video example:

.impactTabs .nav-tabs>li.active>a, .impactTabs .nav-tabs>li.active>a:focus, .impactTabs .nav-tabs>li.active>a:hover {    background-color: #e4c189 !important;color: #fff !important;}

.impactTabs .nav-tabs>li>a {       color: grey;  border-right-width: 1px !important;border-right-color: darkgrey !important; }

.impactTabs .nav-tabs {   border-right-width: 1px !important;border-bottom-width: 0px;    margin-bottom: 0px;}

.tab-content .cont {    background-color: #e4c189 !important;    padding: 10px 5px 0px;margin-top: 0px;}

(Ultimate Forms removes line breaks and indents from standard CSS formatting automatically.)

Last modified: 12/5/2019 7:08 PM

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