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When creating a project tool, it may be appropriate to dynamically create a list or library for each project. This is especially appropriate for large projects. Typically this is done manually by an administrator in the site. This is another case where Infowise provides a method to automate this action. The library can be named dynamically based on the data created by the user in the add form.


  • Create a Create a List action

  • Set the action to occur only for the add form.
  • Use a dynamic value for the library Name which corresponds to the new list record.

  • No conditions are needed. This should be created once on the new form.


This is another example where automation can replaced what is typically done manually by users.

Shared lists and document libraries can sometimes lead to problems where users may step on each others toes or get confused when there information is mixed together.

Creating an independent document library pertaining to each project record provides a structure that can eliminate these kinds of "shared resources" problems.

Last modified: 10/31/2022 8:33 PM

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