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Create a Tabbed Interface

Infowise provide the ability to create an attractive and user friendly interface. When creating forms with many fields, it makes sense to divide them into logical groups. It is easy to set up a tabbed interface where each logical group has its own tab section. The tabbed sections also help to guide the user and create a feeling of progression as they work through each tab. In most cases the first tab represents the beginning of a process and the last tab represents the the final steps in a process.


Add the Tabs Control to your form canvas by dragging it to the canvas as shown:


It is easy to feel overwhelmed by seeing too much information at one time. This is a flaw in many parts of the SharePoint user interface. With Infowise you have the ability to easily and effectively solve this problem. When creating your interface, be sure to create many sections that allow your user to focus on one part of the process at a time before moving on to the next section. Adjusting the order and configuration of fields is easy to do. Make changes using the tab settings and continue to gather user feedback to accomodate the natural flow of the needed process.

Last modified: 11/1/2022 7:31 PM

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