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General Settings (Classic)

This tutorial demonstrated the older method of creating custom Forms in Ultimate Forms. This method is appropriate to use with the SharePoint Classic experience; if you are using the Modern Experience, our recommendation is that you use the Modern Form designer instead.


  • The Display As field allows for 3 options:
    • Tabs - The normal setting which allows for the Infowise tabbed interface.
    • Groups - All of the fields are shown in one vertical form using the headers for each section.
    • Do not display - The fields are shown using the normal layout (with no section headers) provided by SharePoint.
  • It is nearly always the case that Display As should be set to Tabs.
  • The Hide Empty Tabs option is enabled by default. When no fields are displayed in a tab section (which may occur as a result of permissioning) then the tab will automatically be hidden to the user.
  • Display All Columns tab allows for a summary section which shows all the fields together in a single screen in addition to the tabbed sections otherwise defined. (See below.)
  • The Title field allows for a dynamically created title to appear which includes field information. (See below.)

  • The Theme setting allows for a different look and feel depening on the setting:

  •  The Label Location allows for the label to be to the left of the field or above the field:

  • The Description location can be regular, under the label or behind a pop up button:

  • Wizard Mode is explained in another section.
  • Columns allows for a multi-column layout and is explained in detail in another section.


The general settings allow for the flexibility to adjust the user interface to match a variety of needs for each project.

Experment with the settings to discover the best experience for your users. 

Last modified: 11/1/2022 7:50 PM

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