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Form Building - Part 2

Form Building - Part 2



  1. Edit Style 1
  2. Border.
  3. Black color.
  4. OK.
  5. Save.


1. Publish.

2. Yes.
NOTE: Publish often to save progress! Although this instruction won’t be repeated in the instructions, you should do this every few minutes to save progress.

Drag a new fragment above the Request field

Edit the content using the rich text editor to format as you see fit.
Fragments are a useful way to add instructions to the form.

Select the container with the black border and click the copy button as shown

Select the new container and set Columns to 3.

  1. Click New column.
  2. Select Person or group.
  3. Enter “Requester”
  4. Set Require.
  5. Save

Drag the new Requester field into the container as shown

  1. Click New column.
  2. Select Color choice.
  3. Enter “Category”.
  4. Set Require
  5. Select Show as icon.
  6. Enter values shown and select icons

Drag the new Category field into the form as shown

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