Overcome HR Challenges with Top 6 Solutions by Infowise ULTIMATEFORMS
Amir Shingray
Amir Shingray
May 08, 2024 | Enterprise

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This article intends to curate a few of the 90 HR solutions the Infowise team created for our end-users. Some are available in videos from our past monthly webinars, and others are on our solutions page. The solutions on both options are available for free. I would also like to highlight that these solutions are created to showcase what can be done with our ULTIMATEFORMS when integrated with SharePoint. We trust that you will creatively adjust the solutions to fit your business's operational objectives and culture.

Whether you're a seasoned SharePoint user or just getting started, this article will guide you through six fundamental HR solutions that can transform your organization's human resources management. If you're already familiar with SharePoint, feel free to jump directly to the solutions page and explore here.

Before we delve into the solutions, here are a few points about the benefits of augmenting SharePoint with ULTIMATEFORMS.

Why Choose SharePoint with Infowise ULTIMATEFORMS?

Traditional HR management often involves cumbersome paperwork and disjointed systems that can lead to inefficiencies and errors. Infowise ULTIMATEFORMS provides a suite of pre-built, customizable solutions that integrate seamlessly with SharePoint, transforming it into an effective, automated HR management system.

Infowise HR Solutions for SharePoint

Infowise offers specific solutions to tackle common HR challenges, enhancing both the employee experience and the HR team's productivity. Let's explore six key solutions that have been carefully designed to address these challenges effectively, ensuring that your HR department operates at its best. As I mentioned, these six solutions are part of a package of more than 90 solutions available for you to explore.

Employee Onboarding

Challenge: Onboarding new employees involves multiple steps and coordination across departments, which can be overwhelming without a structured process.

Solution: Infowise's Employee Onboarding solution automates the entire workflow, from welcoming messages to task assignments, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires and relieving HR from manual follow-ups. 

Resources: For detailed tutorials and webinars on setting up and customizing your onboarding process, visit Infowise's Training Center.

Leave Request Management

Challenge: Manually managing leave requests can lead to errors, such as overlapping leaves and mismanaged records, which can affect team availability and compliance.

Solution: The Leave Request Management solution automates approvals and integrates with your SharePoint calendar, providing a transparent and efficient system for managing absences.

Resources: Access step-by-step guides and support documentation on the Infowise Documentation Page.

Employee Performance Review

Challenge: Traditional performance review processes are often subjective and lack structure, making it difficult to assess and enhance employee performance accurately.

Solution: This solution offers customizable forms and workflows that standardize performance evaluations, making them fair, timely, and productive.

Resources: Learn how to implement and customize your performance review system through dedicated webinars available at Infowise Webinars.

Training Management

ChallengeWithout proper tools, organizing and tracking employee training can be disorganized, leading to inadequate skills development and resource utilization.

Solution: Infowise's Training Management solution helps schedule, track, and evaluate training programs efficiently, aligning them with organizational goals.

Resources: Infowise offers comprehensive tutorials on using the Training Management solution on its Tutorial Page.

Recruitment Management

Challenge: Recruitment processes can be chaotic, involving numerous candidates and interviews, making it hard to track progress and make informed decisions.

Solution: The Recruitment Management solution streamlines every Step of the recruitment process, from tracking candidates to finalizing hires, in a centralized, accessible system.

Resources: The detailed guides on the Infowise Learning Portal provide a detailed guide to setting up and optimizing your recruitment process. You can also download the solution from the webinar page.

Employee Exit Management

Challenge: Employee offboarding often lacks a standardized procedure, leading to missed steps and potential security or compliance issues.

Solution: This automated solution ensures a thorough and consistent process for offboarding, covering all necessary tasks, such as equipment return and exit interviews.

Resources: Explore HR solutions for employees at the end of the term on the Infowise Solutions platform.

Building Trust with Infowise

Infowise is a reliable solution provider, approved as a GSA IT-70 contractor to the US government, ensuring that your HR solutions are secure and dependable.

Getting Started with Infowise ULTIMATEFORMS

To enhance your HR processes, start with Infowise ULTIMATEFORMS by visiting their Quick Start Guide, which provides all the necessary resources to quickly implement these solutions.

Transform your HR management with Infowise ULTIMATEFORMS today and turn those HR challenges into opportunities for efficiency and growth!


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