GSA-Approved SharePoint Solutions: Pioneering Efficiency in Government HR Departments
Amir Shingray
Amir Shingray
November 27, 2023 | Government

In a landscape where government agencies face mounting pressure to operate with the efficiency and agility of private enterprises, the role of citizens and their elected representatives is ever-evolving, akin to boards of directors in the private sector. This shift brings with it a heightened demand for cost-effectiveness and streamlined operations. At Infowise, we recognize and embrace these challenges. Our commitment is firmly rooted in supporting government HR departments with advanced SharePoint-based solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the public sector with the precision and flexibility required in this new era.

Infowise A Trusted Partner for Government Agencies

 GSA Schedule 70 IT Contract

At Infowise, our GSA Schedule 70 IT contractor designation marks a significant milestone. This accreditation is a testament to our commitment to excellence and compliance with government standards. The General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 is a government-wide acquisition contract offering a comprehensive array of IT products, services, and solutions. Our presence on this schedule simplifies the procurement process for US federal agencies, ensuring they have access to the highest quality IT solutions.

Why Government Agencies Choose Infowise

Government agencies require solutions that are not only robust but also secure and compliant with their unique regulations. Infowise stands out by offering SharePoint-based solutions that meet these stringent requirements. Our track record includes successful collaborations with various government entities, demonstrating our ability to understand and address the specific challenges faced by the public sector.

Tailored SharePoint Solutions for Government HR

Understanding SharePoint's Role in HR

Microsoft's versatile platform, SharePoint, is known for its excellence in managing documents, streamlining workflows, and facilitating secure data sharing, making it an ideal foundation for HR applications. Leveraging this robust framework, we've developed ULTIMATEFORMS. This innovative solution is launched directly within SharePoint, enhancing and boosting its native capabilities to offer even more powerful and specialized HR management tools.

Instant Access to a Free Solution

We offer a free version of ULTIMATEFORMS on our server that users can effortlessly utilize. This accessibility ensures that you can immediately start experiencing the benefits of our system without any upfront investment. It's an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the interface and basic functionalities of ULTIMATEFORMS, further enhancing the user-friendly nature of SharePoint-based applications.



Infowse has been servicing various public sector agencies for more than ten years as a vetted and approved GSA (General Services Administration) vendor, which only helps us further focus our products and services for our government clients.
- Avi Pagi

Business Development, Public Sector



Infowise's Customizable HR SharePoint Solutions

Our solutions, ranging from employee onboarding systems to comprehensive performance management tools, are fully customizable. This means that each government department can tailor the solutions to fit its unique processes and requirements. The adaptability of our offerings ensures that as your needs evolve, so too can your solutions.

The Power of No-Code Solutions

Simplifying IT with No-Code solutions

In an environment where IT resources are often limited, our no-code solutions stand as a beacon of empowerment. With Infowise, HR professionals can create, modify, and manage applications without extensive IT skills. This approach accelerates deployment and significantly reduces the strain on IT departments.

Empowering HR Teams

Our solutions empower HR teams to take control of their systems. From automating routine tasks to generating insightful reports, teams can manage their operations more efficiently, leading to enhanced productivity and better decision-making.

Cost-Effective Efficiency for Government Operations

Budget-Friendly Solutions

In a sector where budgetary constraints are a constant challenge, Infowise provides cost-effective solutions that maintain quality and functionality. Our SharePoint-based solutions offer a more affordable alternative to traditional, often expensive, HR software systems.

30-Day Free Trial!

30-Day Free Trial of ULTIMATEFORMS: To further enhance your experience, we provide a 30-day free trial of ULTIMATEFORMS. This trial period allows you to explore the full range of features and capabilities that ULTIMATEFORMS brings to the SharePoint environment. It's an invaluable chance to see how its advanced functionalities can streamline and optimize your performance management processes.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

The efficiency of government operations is paramount. Infowise's solutions are designed to streamline HR processes, reduce manual workload, and improve overall operational agility. This leads to more efficient government operations, benefiting the public sector and its citizens.

At Infowise, we support private and government sectors with advanced, adaptable HR solutions. As a GSA-approved contractor, we bring trustworthy, SharePoint-based solutions ready to transform government HR departments' operations—for a detailed consultation or to schedule a demonstration, contact our Business Development Director Avi Pagi at Let's work together to streamline your HR processes and enhance operational efficiency! Best!


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