RFP Management System

The RFP management system allows you to manage the lifecycle of Request For Proposals (RFP) documents. The documents can be uploaded and finalized, bids from different vendors can then be entered and managed, and, finally, the winning bid may be selected.

The process is made up of 3 stages:

  1. RFP created/uploaded - new RFP is created or uploaded, its properties are defined: bidding period, category, additional documents and tasks
  2. Proposals uploaded - upload proposals you receive from vendors and link them to RFPs
  3. Winner selection - select the best proposal, sign your decision and close the RFP process

Using the Site

The site uses regular SharePoint lists to store and manage data. No external data storage or custom interface is implemented. This allows you to easily modify the way the site functions, using just your browser.

Uploading RFP

RFPs are stored in a regular SharePoint document library. Once uploaded, set the document properties, includin bidding period and category. You can also upload and link additional documents related to the RFP.

You are also able to add and assign related tasks. These tasks are added directly from within the properties of the RFP and can be assigned to any person.

Submitting Proposals

Proposal documents are received from suppliers and uploaded directly within the properties of the relevant RPF. You can also upload directly into the Proposals library and select the appropriate RFP in the lookup.

Selecting a Winner

Once all proposals are received or the bidding end date has arrived, a winner can be selected. You select a winner by setting the Win yes/no column value and adding an electronic signature. Once a winner is selected, the RFP process is finished


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