UltimateForms: Actions

Save on development time by automating advanced business solutions using just your browser. Implement advanced business logic using a wide variety of advanced fully-configurable actions.
UltimateForms: Actions, a component of UltimateForms, allows you to implement advanced solutions previously only feasible using workflows. You can now define and execute multiple actions of 16 different types, ranging from updating list items or external databases to creating sites and managing permissions. Actions are then executed automatically, manually or based on a timer.

Automating business processes has never been easier, instead of writing code-based workflows or custom event receivers using Visual Studio, you accomplish what you need in minutes using just the browser.

œUsing Actions has allowed us to directly create solutions that generally require custom coding. The ability to allow site owners to create their own business process/workflows enables us to deliver solutions in a much more timely fashion. Thanks.
-- Bill Dewey, Seattle Goodwill

Common Business TaskDetailsDone in
Project initiation workflow, includes creating project site, generating tasks, registering in external DB and assigning manager reviewRead more10 minutes
Generate a predefined set of initial tasks whenever a project is createdRead more12 minutes
Create and update users in Active DirectoryRead more7 minutes
Generate and send PDF file of sales totals automatically on a weekly basisRead more7 minutes
Convert support tickets into KB articles with one clickRead more4 minutes
Prevent double-booking of resourcesRead more2 minutes
Automatically run actions on any event (items added, modified, moved, checked in/out or deleted), manually through ribbon buttons or according to a timer. A wide selection of different types of actions is available:
  • Create list item - create new list items in any list of any site
  • Update list item[s] - update multiple list items in any list of any site
  • Delete list item[s] - delete multiple list item in any list of any site
  • Copy item/document - copy current item or document to a different location
  • Send e-mail incorporating list item values - send out emails using your own templates
  • Create list from any template - create list of document library in any site
  • Create site from any template - create a new subsite
  • Run workflow on one or more items in any list or document library
  • Run stored procedure in database of any type (MS-SQL, Oracle, OLE DB or ODBC) - pass parameters based on the current item's columns
  • Run web service operation - pass parameters based on the current item's columns
  • Manage permissions of sites, lists, folders and items - break or restore permission inheritance, add or remove users, manage group memberships
  • Manage Active Directory - create and manage users and groups in Active Directory (SAM, AD DS and AD LDS)
  • Print list items - integrates with UltimateForms: Print to produce list and item printouts in various format, then email or save
  • Calculate summary - calculate summary of values in any column of any list of any site. Use this value to update the current item or throw an error when the value does not pass the condition.
  • Run PowerShell - executes custom PowerShell script
  • Generate Associated Tasks - generate individual tasks for users in a group using Associated Items column
What makes Actions more powerful, yet easier to use than traditional workflows?
  • 100% browser-based, no tools required
  • No programming knowledge or experience required, completely rule-based
  • Assign multiple different actions and run them according to conditions
  • Create timer-based actions running according to date column value or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Optionally, let users decide what actions to run each time
  • Allow users to run action by clicking on a column, a context menu option or a ribbon button
  • Use run-time parameters to make changes to dynamically created or selected site or lists
  • Optionally, run actions synchronously, prior to saving items and even prevent items from being saved.
  • Optionally allow user to perform actions with elevated permission level (such as managing permissions)
  • Perform actions accoridng to different triggers: item added, updated, moved, checked in/out, deleted, attachments added/removed, etc.
  • See action history with a click of the mouse, get email notification when actions fail

Define parameters for each action using your current item's values and advanced functions. You also can specify conditions when to run each action (e.g. when Status changes to Completed).

When creating/updating an item, your users can see the actions and optionally decide which actions are to be performed.

  • Integrate SharePoint closely with your other line-of-business systems by letting SharePoint update external data
  • Give your users more power to build sophisticated SharePoint-based application using just the browser
  • Accomplish tasks previously only available in custom workflows without any tools or programming
  • Extend the abilities of any list by adding custom action buttons to the ribbon


Feature Image Our Product SharePoint Native
21 different action types to choose from, including creation of item, lists, sites, management of permissions, etc.   Included  
Supports calling web services and DB stored procedures   Included  
Perform actions when item is saved/created   Included  
Perform actions when item is deleted   Included  
Perform actions when attachments are added/deleted   Included  
Perform actions when document is checked out/checked in   Included  
Perform actions when file is moved   Included  
Perform actions based on a timer   Included  
Perform actions at preset intervals   Included  
Define actions using browser only   Included  
Optionally define actions as columns to be executed by click   Included  
Choose site or list dynamically at run-time   Included  
Conditional execution of actions   Included  
Synchronous and asynchronous execution with optional cancellation   Included  
Action history accessible from views with a click   Included  
Notify action owner by e-mail in case of failures   Included  
Note: unless specifically stated otherwise, all products require only SharePoint 2016 and up. Except for SharePoint Online apps, all of our products must be installed as farm solutions.


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Version Release Date Changes
1.44.7 23-Jul-2024
  • Periodically renewing SharePoint client token to allow uninterrupted designing
1.44.6 04-Jul-2024
  • AI Answers function was added
1.44.5 29-May-2024
  • AI Analyze function was added
1.44.4 27-May-2024
  • New Rewrite function – to rewrite and translate via AI
  • New Rich text editor in parameters dialog
1.44.3 08-May-2024
  • Additional Global setting: limit runtime site URL scope
  • Adjusted width of Timer Day selector
1.44.2 04-Mar-2024
  • Fixed: Evaluating an After-change condition based on a Person column
  • Fixed: Renaming a file in Update item action
1.44.1 10-Jan-2024
  • Word, PDF and Image components upgrade
1.44.0 07-Jan-2024
  • Added: Reason why action did not pass conditions
  • Added: Sorting of Manual lookup parameters
  • Fixed: Redirect on success
Although this feature can be purchased and installed separately, we highly recommend always installing the complete UltimateForms suite. It will ensure you are not limited in any way when implementing your business solutions and achieve the best possible result.
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