Room and Equipment Reservation


Room & Equipment Reservation is a SharePoint site template that allows you to create and manage room and equipment reservation while preventing double-booking of the same resource. The site template uses a combination of built-in SharePoint capabilities, extended through the use of a set of Infowise components.

The template allows you:

  • Manage rooms and equipment.

  • Generate reservations.

  • View and manage reservation on a calendar.

  • Print daily/weekly/monthly calendar views of reservation for a single or multiple resources.

  • Send calendars to internal or external recipients in HTML or PDF format.


Using the Site

The site uses regular SharePoint lists to store and manage data. No external data storage or custom interface is implemented. This allows you to easily modify the way the site functions, using just your browser.

Managing Resources

To be able to create reservations, you first need to fill in the Resources list. The list contains the following columns:

  • Resource – name of the resource.

  • Resource Type – choice of types of resources, you can add new types.

  • Color – name (e.g. Red) or hexadecimal code of color (e.g. #FF0000). The color is used in the calendar to color-code reservations.

  • Reservations – reference to the reservations added for the resource.

Creating and Managing Reservations

Reservations list is used to create, store and manage reservations. The list contains the following columns:

  • Resource – lookup to resources

  • Purpose – short description of the purpose of a reservation

  • Start Date – start date/time of the reservation

  • End Date – end date/time of the reservation

  • Reserved By – by default, name of the user creating the reservation, can be changed to any other user

  • Phone – automatically filled with the phone number of the user specified in Reserved By

  • Email – automatically filled with the email address of the user specified in Reserved By

You can create reservation either directly in the Reservations list or from the calendar on the homepage of the site. The system will block you from creating more than one reservation for the same resource for an overlapping time period, you will receive an error message and the reservation will not be saved.

You can print the calendar in any view, with or without filtering by resource. The print preview can be printed, saved as PDF or emailed as PDF/HTML to any internal or external recipient.

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