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Event Calendar

Basic event calendar

The Infowise event calendar is a natural companion to an Infowise custom list. Any list that uses events as part of data tracking can include companion calendar pages that enhances the overall value of the tool. Initial setup for an event calendar is easy and flexible. Here we walk through the basic steps to set this up.


In Office 365 the method for creating an Infowise Event Calendar is similar to the method of creating an Infowise Smart Chart as outlined in Charting in Office 365.


Only basic configuration and a short series of steps are needed to included a companion calendar page for a SharePoint list. Be sure to add this functionality to any list based tools that include event information. Explore more advanced calendar information after getting comfortable with the main settings.

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joe [9/25/2015 3:25 PM]
In the Instructions, I'm just seeing a big gray box area. There's no content. Is there suppose to be a YouTube video?
Vladi Gubler [9/25/2015 3:37 PM]
Yes, make sure you are navigating to, not https://, some video links are point to and the browser will prevent them from showing if you are viewing through a secure page. We will make sure all links are https://.
Will Cooper [9/28/2015 1:46 PM]
I fixed all the video links. Sorry for the difficulty!
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