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Bar Chart

The Bar Chart provides an alternative way to visualize the data. This chart is the same as the Column Chart except that the x axis and y axis positions are swapped. Note that this isn't suitable for a chronological chart as show in our example output:



  • When using the Bar Chart display, you may need to change the order of the data.
  • In this example, let's switch the order of months by creating another view of our Sales Tracking list data.
  • Go to the Sales Tracking list and create a view.

  • In this view, change the sort order so that the data is sorted by Index descending.
  • Call your view Bar Chart Data.

  • Return to your chart and use the View option to point to the Bar Chart Data View that you just created.

  • Apply your settings and notice that the sort order in the chart is reversed as intended:



The Bar Chart is the same as the Column Chart except that the x and y axis are swapped. This is an alternative way to visualize the data.

In this example we demonstrated how using different data views can allow you to adjust the output of the chart to get the expected results.

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