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Connected Field
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Component of Ultimate Forms Connected Field, a component of Ultimate Forms, helps you take the built-in lookup columns to a new level:
  • Unlimited number of cascading levels - you can chain together as many columns are you like, each parent can have unlimited children and each child can have its own children.
  • Missing values can be added directly, without interfering with your current task
  • Support single-to-single, single-to-multiple, multiple-to-single and multiple-to-multiple relationships
  • Looks and behaves like the built-in lookup column, no user training required
  • Operates both as a cascading lookup and as a regular lookup
  • Optional auto-complete functionality
  • Filter available values interactively and according to a pre-selected SharePoint view
  • Add addtional linked lookup columns and update their values automatically
  • Convert to and from built-in lookup columns
  • Support for site columns and content types - create the master-detail relationship at the root site and reuse it throughout your site collection.
  • Editable in Datasheet view (2007/2010) when used together with Smart List Pro
SharePoint 2013 app version of this product is available in Office Store. It can be installed both on premises and on Office 365 sites.
Connected Field makes it easier for you to enter data into your SharePoint lists and document libraries. By creating relationships between columns you limit the number of possible values, preventing input errors. With advanced features like filtering and sorting by view, additional filters, in-place value entry and more, you make your system more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Create categories and subcategories for your documents across the system
  • In the middle of create an invoice and just realized you are missing the customer? Add it directly from the invoice, without going to a different list and losing your work
  • Save time and errors typing in values
  • Run the installation file to extract and install the product. You must be a farm administrator to accomplish this task.
  • Create a new list called Product Categories, and fill it with sample data.
  • Create a second list called Products, and add a regular lookup field to Product Categories, name it Category and fill this list with sample data.
  • Create a third list called Sales
  • Add a lookup field to Product Categories, name it Category
  • Add a Master-detail lookup field and define it according to the following:
    • In the lookup section define the field as a lookup to Products.
    • In the Parent Field select the Category field you (the lookup to Product Categories).
    • In Link Column choose the Category(the field that was mapped to Product Category in Products the filtering field in the lookup list).
  • Now add a new item to the list and see that as you choose a value from Category field, the Products field will be filtered accordingly (no page refresh is needed).

Feature Image Our Product SharePoint Native
Complete replacement for the built-in lookup, with additional features   Included  
Filter lookup field according to another lookup field caption  Included  
Unlimited number of levels of cascading filtering   Included  
Allows entering new values directly from the column caption  Included  
Allows entering new values through a popup window caption  Included  
Supports site columns and content types   Included  
Supports single-single, single-multi, multi-single and multi-multi selections   Included  
Optionally filter values by view   Included  
Optionally sort values by view   Included  
Convert to and from regular lookup columns caption  Included  
Create and manage additional columns from the source list   Included  
Limit available values by one or more additional filter   Included  
Supports English, German, French, Spanish and Russian   Included  

Note: unless specifically stated otherwise, all products require only Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or SharePoint Foundation 4.0/5.0. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and SharePoint Server 2010/2013 are supported, but not required. Except for SharePoint 2013 apps, all of our products must be installed as farm solutions.

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Version Release Date Changes
2.14.16 19-Aug-2015
  • Fix for 2.14.14
2.14.15 06-Aug-2015
  • Fix for MDS support
2.14.14 05-Aug-2015
  • Added: wait cursor when reloading child fields
  • Fixed: MDS support
  • Fixed: autocomplate behavior
2.14.13 27-Apr-2015
  • Fixed: error during page reload in display mode
2.14.12 17-Nov-2014
  • Fixed compatibility with Smart List Pro dynamic permissions
  • Fixed date time column lookup values
2.14.11 06-Aug-2014
  • Fixed Smart List Pro read-only issue
2.14.10 06-Jun-2014
  • Fix sorting for columns without a link to their parent
2.14.9 30-May-2014
  • Fix reloading values after validation
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